Three Strategies to Accelerate Digital Transformations

We’re well into the Digital Age, but some businesses have yet to harness computing power. Sure, they may be drowning in company devices and have accounts with the “right” platforms, but are they properly leveraging the tools they have? Surprisingly, in many instances, the answer is “no.”

Making a true…

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Which Big Data Solution Is Best for You? Comparing Warehouses, Lakes, and Lakehouses

Big data makes the world go round. Well, maybe that’s an exaggeration — but not by much. Targeted promotions, behavioral marketing, and back-office analytics are vital sectors fueling the digital economy. To state it plainly: companies that leverage informational intelligence significantly boost their sales.

But making the most of available…

7 steps to a better business intelligence strategy

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Business intelligence is more than just a buzzword.

Today’s BI apps and offerings give companies the edge they need to stay competitive in a market where customers increasingly tune out information that’s not tailored to their likes, needs, and desires. …

Nope, it’s not something out of the Wild West

What Is Data Wrangling?

What is data wrangling? Also known as data cleaning, data remediation, and data munging, data wrangling is the digital art of molding and classifying raw information objects into usable formats. …

Scottie Todd

Big Data & AI Enthusiast at Inzata Analytics

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